Terms of governance of the GIS

The establishment sponsoring the ONCOLille GIS is the Lille CHRU. Its Chairman, appointed in February 2014, is the General Manager of the CHRU, Jean-Olivier Arnaud.

The ONCOLille SIRIC is managed by a Management Committee[mettre un lien pour aller directement à la définition qui suit] that makes decisions. Twice a year, it meets to define the overall strategy. It benefits from illumination provided by an International Scientific Board [mettre un lien pour aller directement à la définition qui suit], which guarantees the relevance and the scientific quality of the GIS’s activities. To round off these arrangements, there is a General Meeting which annually examines the achievements and the management of the ONCOLille SIRIC.

Strategic and operational management terms :


General Meeting Strategic management of the SIRIC
Management Committee International Scientific Council
Operational management of the SIRIC
Co-ordination team
Director: Prof. Eric Lartigau – General Secretary: Floriane Bougeard
Scientific Co-ordinator: Dr Maximilien Vanleene, Financial and Legal Attaché: Aurélie Wieczorek
Administrative Assistant: Dorothée Tiétard
Scientific programme Transverse programmes
Orientation 1
Prof. C. Mariette, Dr I. Van Seuningen
Orientation 2
Prof. B Quesnel
National and international collaborative efforts
Prof. P. Formstecher
Human and social sciences
Prof. V. Christophe
Industrial partnerships and development
Prof. Y. de Launoit
Prof. I. Fournier
Animal Models
Dr. D. Tierny
Clinical research and methodology
Prof. A. Duhmanel
Dr. A. Kramar
Disseminating knowledge and new practices
Steering Committee

Platforms and shared expertise

The General Meeting

The General Meeting consists of members and partners of the GIS. It is a consultative body that examines the achievements and the management of the GIS via annual financial and scientific reports.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee brings together the legal representatives of each of the members of the GIS.

Main functions:

  • Validating the strategic orientations and the scientific programme of the ONCOLille SIRIC Project for the 5 years of quality labelling,
  • Deliberating on the implementation and management of funds,
  • Examining and adopting scientific and financial reports.

The International Scientific Council

The International Scientific Council, which guarantees the relevance of the scientific quality of the ONCOLille SIRIC’s activities, consists of 5 leading scientists recognised internationally in the field of cancer research. In this capacity, it studies the actions carried out and supported within the two research programmes and the Human and Social Sciences transverse orientation. Consequently, it is able to present recommendations concerning the main scientific orientations.

  • Prof. Florian Lordick, University Cancer Center, Leipzig (UCCL), Germany
  • Prof. Jacques Simard, CHU (University Hospital Centre) Research Centre, Quebec, Canada
  • Prof. François-Xavier Mahon, Haematology Laboratory, CHU, Bordeaux, France
  • Prof. Martin Röcken, Department of Dermatology, Tübingen, Germany
  • Prof. Isabelle Merckaert, Psychosomatic and Psycho-Oncology Research Unit, Free University of Brussels, Belgium