ONCOLille Scientific Interest Grouping

Founding members of the ONCOLille SIRIC

There are 7 founding members responsible for the ONCOLille SIRIC (Integrated Cancer Research Site):

  • The Lille University Regional Hospital Centre (Lille CHRU)
  • The Oscar Lambret Regional Cancer Centre (COL)
  • The National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)
  • The National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  • University of Lille 1, Sciences and Technology
  • University of Lille 2, Law and Health
  • University of Lille 3, Human and Social Sciences

By 2018, the latter three higher education partners will be reduced to one within the University of Lille.

Inserm oscar chru cnrs
univ1 univ2 univ3

The ONCOLille Scientific Interest Grouping

In order to organise the governance and management of the ONCOLille SIRIC, these 7 founding members meet together in a co-operation structure called a GIS, which stands for Scientific Interest Grouping.




Signature of the Agreement establishing the ONCOLille GIS on 19 September 2013 at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille

From left to right:

Mr Samir Oould Ali, Inserm’s Regional Delegate; Ms Françoise Paillous, the CNRS Regional Delegate; Dr Bernard Leclercq, General Manager of the COL; Mr Yvonnick Morice, General Manager of the Lille CHRU; Prof. Philippe Rollet, Chancellor of the University of Lille 1; Prof. Xavier Vandendriessche, Chancellor of the University of Lille 2, Mr Philippe Vervaecke, 1st Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lille 3 representing Ms Fabienne Blaise, the Chancellor.