A quality label

The mission of SIRICs:  8 centers in France

INCa (the National Cancer Institute) has awarded quality labels to eight Integrated Cancer Research Sites pursuant to one of the key measures of the 2009-2013 Cancer Plan aimed at reinforcing multi-disciplinary research resources. The objective of the SIRIC programme is to bring together and organise fundamental translational research at the same site in an integrated way whilst associating research in human and social sciences with it.

The SIRICs also have the mission of disseminating the knowledge from the results of their work at local and national level. Following the example of the Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the United States, the French SIRICs are aimed at giving a strong impetus to high-level multi-disciplinary research and, in the long term, increasing the performance of every component of French research: biology, clinical studies, the human and social dimension, epidemiology and public health.

All of the SIRICs are financed jointly by an endowment from the INCa, the Ministry of Health (DGOS – General Directorate of the Healthcare Offer) and INSERM (the Institute of Health and Medical Research) (Aviesan – the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health) for 5 years.


Quality labelling criteria based on excellence

The SIRICs were selected based on their capacity to bring together and manage outstanding medical and scientific expertise, as well as cutting-edge technologies, based on consistent, integrated research programmes.

Three major fields were assessed by INCa:

  • The organisational and structural aspects
  • The scientific activities
  • The activities of transferring and disseminating new knowledge and new practices

Assessment of the application files was carried out by an international committee comprising 19 experts, chaired by Prof. James Armitage (Nebraska Medical Center, USA).