Who are we?

The SIRIC ONCOLille (which stands for French comprehensive cancer center) is a scientific group which  support clinicians and researchers in the field of cancerology in the european metropolis of Lille. Labellized on 29 October 2012 by the INCa (French national cancer institute), it is defined as a consortium devoted to translational research enabling a more rapid transfer of the most recent scientific advances so that they may benefit patients.

ONCOLille brings together Lille’s actors involved in fundamental and clinical researches in the fields of biology, imaging, animal models, clinical research, and human and social sciences.
It includes around 30 research laboratories and a community of 350 researchers and clinicians  located at several sites: the campuses of the Universities of Lille 1 and Lille 3, the Lille Biology Institute (in the Pasteur Institute campus in Lille) and the Lille 2 university hospital campus (where the Lille Universisty hospital and the Oscar Lambret Cancer Center are located).
ONCOLille’s research programmes are structured around two key questions facing modern cancerology: Tumor and host Resistance to loco-regional treatments and Tumour Dormancy and resilience.

What is translational research?

This is the transfer of fundamental research (in the laboratory) to clinical research (fortranslationnal patients). Nowadays it is establishing itself as a key factor for making progress as, within a single structure, it brings together all of the stages involved in research, from its fundamental aspects through to its application to patients. This close collaboration between researchers and clinicians gives rise to sharing knowledge and strong dialogue in order to offer patients new treatments. This factoring in of all the various dimensions of cancer is enhancing cancer prevention, cancer screening, and healthcare for patients.





From regional anchoring to the international dimension

ONCOLille, based in Lille and with a regional sphere of influence in the North of France, already has a national dcarte oncolilleimension due to the specific nature of its research orientations and the arrangements deployed. Its collective dynamic and its exacting standards devoted to achieving excellence are recognised. At international level, very fruitful collaborative efforts are being initiated with European and Japanese researchers (from the University of Tokyo). Its original operating method accelerates the transfer of new scientific knowledge into very high-level medical and scientific advances.




Three research programs

The ONCOLille SIRIC has positioning as the leading national organisation in terms of translational research into cancerology in the field of tumor and host resistance to treatments and tumour dormancy; two themes in relation to which its legitimacy is fully recognised.
It acts as a catalyst, consolidating, facilitating and developing scientific co-operative efforts between Lille’s higher education institutions, hospital establishments, and research bodies through these three integrated research programmes.