Our Industrial Valorization Partners

Eurasanté is a regional economic development agency devoted to economic and commercial development as well as to job creation in the field of life sciences in the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

Eurasanté provides support to already-established or emerging companies in order to develop and promote their technologies and innovations in the fields of life sciences, the biomedical sector, data management (big data), the senior citizens’ economy and specialised foods dedicated to human or animal health.

Eurasanté’s work with academic research institutes is to stimulate and facilitate the transfer of technologies and setting up collaborative efforts between researchers and industrials.

Eurasanté is also committed (as a manager partner) to several European projects that ONCOLille is associated with. In this regard, Eurasanté has demonstrated substantial experience in putting together and managing transnational collaborative projects.

Since 2000, via the Eurasanté Bioincubator, Eurasanté has also been committed to creating a start-up based on developing major technological breakthroughs. This Eurasanté Bioincubator was recognised and received quality labelling from the French Ministry of Education and Research.

Since 2013, ONCOLille and Eurasanté have signed an annual partnership agreement in order to promote technology transfers of its research in the field of cancerology.

Eurasanté’s key missions under the framework of the Transfer and Development action plan are:

  • To increase and facilitate interactions between ONCOLille and the life sciences industry (at national and international level)
  • To promote the image of ONCOLille and its research teams at international level
  • To launch international collaborative programmes with ONCOLille
  • To attract renowned scientists and clinicians to ONCOLille’s teams

Diagram showing Eurasanté’s activities in relation to ONCOLille since 2013:


sabeena-kallaEurasanté is represented on the Scientific Steering Committee by Ms Sabeena Kalla.