IRICL call for recruitments: young Principal Investigators

– Recruitment program 2017 –

 The future Interdisciplinary Cancer Research Institute of Lille recruits 3 young Principal Investigators

The University of Lille, INSERM, CNRS and the University Hospital of Lille are currently creating a new interdisciplinary cancer research institute within the Lille hospital campus. Cancer researches developed in this institute are focused on two main themes supported since 2012 by the comprehensive cancer research center SIRIC ONCOLille programs; i.e. tumor resistance in loco-regional treatments and tumor dormancy. To be selected, the applying talented scientists must display a strong background in oncology, carcinogenesis, cancer cell biology and/or microtechnology in the fields of tumor dormancy (with a special attention to leukemia, breast cancer and melanoma) or tumor resistance (with a special attention to esogastric, lung and pancreas cancers).The current research teams comprising this institute represent more than 200 scientists from different backgrounds (biologists, clinicians, chemists, statisticians, microtechnologists, psychologists…). Their works aim to accelerate applications of excellent fundamental discoveries about cancer into clinical practice of targeted therapies. The SMMIL-E program provides a major asset to achieve this goal with an intensive collaboration on BioMEMS with the University of Tokyo.

The pre-selected applicants will be auditioned by an international committee on the basis of their CV (field of interest, publications…), their track-records (PhD and post-doctoral experiences), the originality and strength of their proposed projects. Deadline for application is August 31th 2017, 5 PM Paris time. The selected researchers will be funded for three years in order to develop their own projects, in close collaboration with one or several teams of the institute. Each of the three selected researchers (annual salary to be negotiated depending on the applicant profile) will benefit from favorable research environments (office and laboratory spaces in one of the teams joining the future institute), and human ressources (a post-doc and a technician for 3 years)

During the three-year contract, the selected researchers will be supported to obtain a permanent Researcher position at the CNRS and/or INSERM as an outcome from a very competitive selection.

Applications must be sent to before the August 31th 2017, 5 PM Paris time. The auditions of the preselected candidates will take place from September to October 2017 for an effective recruitment before the end of 2017.


  • May 2nd, 2017 :Session opening
  • August 31th, 2017:Application submission deadline
  • Sept 15th, 2017: Candidates pre-selection and information
  • Oct. 31th, 2017 (by): Oral presentation to International Scientific Advisory board
  • January 03rd, 2018: Position starting date

Application forms (total: 2 forms):

A: Administrative form

B: Scientific project form

For further information, please contact:

Dominique Collard:

Yvan de Launoit: 

Bruno Quesnel:             Bruno.QUESNEL@CHRU-LILLE.FR

This recruitment program is funded by the French Government, the Region “Hauts-de-France”, the European Lille Metropole and the European Union in the frame of FEDER plan.

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