Integrated Platforms

Shared technological ressources

 Mutualization of high-tech equipments, tumor specimens and technical expertise is crucial to promote new research breakthroughs and efficient cross-disciplinary collaborations

In order to strategically support the two main ONCOLille research programs, four integrated platforms have been established, pooling high valuable technologies and expert competencies.

All ONCOLille’s researchers, after validation by the scientific steering committee, have full access to the 4 integrated platforms. Those platforms are not rigid and evolve continuously. Thanks to a permanent technology watch, the platforms integrate the best technological innovations crucial to fight cancer. The platforms have themself an objective to innovate and develop new technologies aimed to facilitate basic or translational researches but also clinical practice: as an example, the project SPIDERMASS is aiming to allow a guided tumor resection thank to a live in situ detection of tumor tissues using mass spectroscopy (project developed by the PRISM LAB, Lille University).

The ONCOLille Scientific Steering Committee defines the platforms’ strategic developments and priority needs in close collaborations with the research program coordinators. To optimize the platforms, it has been chosen to strengthen the local existing expertises (equipment and staff) and to frost specific new developments: drug screening facility, tumor dormancy model facility, zebra fish facility, 3D cell culture facility…